• 【STICK】→→→ Thick tin stick
    New products with glossy luster due to surface irregularities
    Which can freely create shapes on your own!! With 【CONCAVE MODEL】 making freestyle name plates for wedding, events etc.
  • 【SA-RA】→→→ Tin plate
    Thin and so soft! Can be bent freely!! Recommended!
  • 【N・E・T】
    Product size:
    Thickness 1.2 mm vertical 13cm width 15cm weight about 77g around
    Use it depend on your idea!
    Wrap to the door knob (because of the antibacterial effect); Tuck a tie on the wall; Placing a cell phone or key etc.
  • 【limited items】
    Product name [Limited items] = restricted production
    Produce in limited quantities.
    Product lineup→ If you would like limited items, please contact us: We will let you know the next production schedule.
    Purchase from: [limited items]. We will update the product at any time.
  • 【CUTLERY REST】 Chopstick cutlery rest. Thin and soft! Freely create shapes on your own.
  • 【SPOON】 Using a tin of material 4n (99.99%). It is safe to use it for food because of its heat conduction and antibacterial effect.
    Open and tuck ⇒ complete!
  • 【BANGLE】
    One size Fits All freely sized tin. [bangle] = free size bangle
    Can adjust the size freely! Wrap around the wrist.
    ☆It is a tie pin of the type to sandwich the tie on both sides. A new sense of tie pin to hold a shirt and a tie fashionable.
    ◆ A new sense of product that can be easily opened and closed.
    ◆ Black, red, blue, gold and pink, and it`s hard to crack.
    ◆ 1.6 mm thin and easy to use. Also made a new mini with a thickness of 1.2 mm can open and close easily!
    How to use: Close the card and hold it lightly ⇒ the card you put in and not fall! It becomes easy to put in and out of the card.
    Wrap it around a bag so you don't have to look for the key in your bag!
    Product name [Kagayaki] = Shinning tin for fishing.
    A tin that can regulate its weight freely and adjust the length and weight yourself.
    There are three types: TRIANGLE, TEAR and PLATE.
    Regulate it by yourself even if it does not move well in water! You can make your own original lure depending on the idea!
    It is a product of the ornament from the production of the prototype.
    Tin is heavy in chunks...
    Fun items to freely create shapes on your own, regardless of age or genter.
    With 【CONCAVE MODEL】 and 【STICK】 making freestyle name plates for wedding, events etc.
  • 【3D PRINTER】
    Making trial piece, the image production of the prototype, etc.
    ★ Use the Ribbon at home through the holes in our products! Tin can be freely bent by hand, it is recommended because it can be changed to a favorite shape!
    In the bag, Key etc. Can arrange a variety of things.