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Reusable Tin Metal Drinking Straws

No More filling the landfill with thousands of plastic disposable straws!

So far plastic sounds pretty great, but the problem with plastic is that most of it isn’t biodegradable. It doesn’t rot, so it can hang around in the environment for hundreds of years. More than eight million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year.

Since Starbucks said it would eliminate plastic straws from its stores worldwide by 2020 to reduce environmental plastic pollution, we start realizing that we should make some efforts to prevent those plastic pollution also. After several challenges we launched our new product in 2017: Reusable Tin Metal Straws.

The differences with other plastic, glass or stainless metal straws:

1. Tin metal drink straws are made of 99.99% pure tin. Tin is the safest material for the long term, affordable, non-toxic and corrosion-resistant, another common plating material for the medical industry also. The tin metal straw is MUCH safer than other glass straws or stainless straws.
2. Tin is soft and pliable, which means that they can be easily bent or shaped. You can bend the tin straws easily (and gently) to make that familiar upside-down L shape which is much easy to drink.
3. There is no metallic taste, in fact the tin metal straws make your drinks tasted better. Studies have shown that the materials utensils have an effect on taste.

Change your lifestyle. Bring the straws with you, carry your own is at least a reminder not to ask for plastic one. Stay healthy and green!