• 1. Is tin expensive?
    Tin's price per pound is about 3 to 5 times that of base metals such as zinc, lead, and copper, yet it is much cheaper than precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. Tin could be considered a "semi-precious" metal.
  • 2. Can tin be bent?
    Tin is one of the weakest metals. You can, for example, bend or crush a tin can with your bare hands.
  • 3. Which kind of tin do we use?
    Commercial grades of tin is 99.8%, we use 4N.
    3N=99.9%~ 4N=99.99%~ 4.5N=99.995%~ 5N=99.999%~
  • 4. Melting point of tin.
    Melting point of Tin is 232℃ which is considerably lower than other metals.
  • 5. Is it ok with metal allergies?
    Do not using or wearing if a skin allergy is caused.
  • 6. How to clean when it becomes dull and dirty?
    Make a neutral detergent and water and gently apply it to your tin item. After drying, wipe it with clean dry cloth which can keep it brighter for longer. Do not use the cleanser.